Paper Publication

Papers Publication in the ESPR journal
(iCAMP2018 Special issue)

Registered participants presenting their work at the iCAMP-2018 conference (both oral and poster communications) will have the possibility to submit their research articles (full papers) for publication in a Special Issue of Environmental Science and pollution Research (ESPR) journal covering the R&D themes of the iCAMP-2018 conference.

ESPR publication guidelines
During the Abstract Submission process, the authors intending to submit their manuscripts for publication in the ESPR journal (IF(2016) = 2.74) are welcome to confirm their intention by responding “yes” to the last question on the Abstract submission page: Do you intend to submit a full paper for publication to ESPR?.

After receiving a confirmation of the acceptance of their abstracts to the iCAMP-2018 conference, and their full registration to the conference, the authors can proceed for submission of their manuscripts through the web site of the ESPR journal or by following this web link:

It is important to note that submitted manuscripts will be handled and reviewed according to the regular peer reviewing rules of the ESPR journal. The manuscripts need to be of high novelty and their scientific content needs to be of high quality. The text needs to be original and should not contain any sections that have been previously published by the authors or other researchers in previous articles in the literature. The journal screens manuscripts for plagiarism (including self-plagiarism). The quality of figures and Tables needs to be highly professional according to the standards of the ESPR journal. In sum, the manuscripts should be prepared according to the instructions for authors of the journal that can be viewed on the journal website or by clicking the following link :

The FINAL DEADLINE for uploading the manuscripts to the ESPR website will be November 15th, 2018. Please note that this deadline is firm and no extension will be allowed.

During the manuscript submission process through the ESPR website, please specify in the STEP “Additional information” that you are submitting to the Special Issue of ICAMP2018.

In the course of the submission process, you should also include: 4 possible “referees” that are skilled and have relevant expertise for reviewing your article (name, e-mail, affiliation and address).

Guest Editors: Dr. Didier Robert, Prof. My Ali El Khakani and Prof. Patrick Drogui